Elementary BEd - East Kootenay Program

The University of Victoria has offered the Bachelor of Education (Elementary Curriculum) program in Cranbrook, BC on the College of the Rockies  campus for 25 years! We are proud to provide engaging, relevant, and high-quality teacher preparation to the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. On completion of this program, you are eligible for a Bachelor of Education degree and a Professional Teaching Certificate.

Entry to year one or two

The Faculty of Education accepts students into year one and year two of this program. Each entry point has specific admission criteria. If you wish to be considered for year one entry, speak with a College of the Rockies adviser about dual admission. If you are not accepted for year one, may apply for year two entry after completing the first year courses at College of the Rockies or another post-secondary institution.

Core education courses

The core education courses are offered over three winter sessions commencing in year two. The courses provide a comprehensive introduction to the full range of teaching subjects in the elementary curriculum (kindergarten through grade seven). Go to the UVic Undergraduate Calendar to view the program outline

French Immersion Specialization

With approval, the Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion may be taken concurrently with the BEd (Elementary Curriculum) program. 

The certificate consists of four courses: two offered online in the winter session and two offered on the Victoria campus in the summer session (normally in July). If admitted to the PSC, you may begin taking courses in the summer session following year two. The final course must be taken in the fall term of year four. Refer to Continuing Studies’ website for more details about admission to the certificate program. 

Students must speak with a teacher education adviser before applying to the PSC. Call 250-721-7877.

If you already have an undergraduate degree please consult a UVic teacher education adviser about the Bachelor of Education Post-Degree Professional Program (Elementary).

Application and transcript (with grades for courses attempted to December 31) deadlines: February 28. View application instructions here starting November.

Final transcript deadline: May 31. To meet this deadline, all required courses must be completed by April 30.

Eligibility for admission to year two, requires at least 12 units of courses acceptable to the Faculty of Education. These are:
  • 3.0 units approved English, and
  • demonstrated competency in written English, and
  • 3.0 units approved Canadian studies, and
  • 3.0 units approved mathematics, and
  • demonstrated competency in mathematics, and
  • 3.0 units approved laboratory science, and
  • a minimum sessional average of 3.00/9-point scale (UVic C+). If your most recent session is fewer than 12.0 units (or 24 COTR credits), you must have a grade-point average of at least 3.00 on a 9-point scale (equivalent to UVic's C+ grade) on your most recent consecutive 12.0 units (or 24 COTR credits).  Learn how a GPA is calculated at UVic.
Academic electives (3.0 units) 
  • You must complete 3.0 units/ 6 credits of academic elective before entering year four. You may take one or both electives in year one or during a summer session following years 1, 2 or 3. 
  • By 'academic' we mean courses related to subjects taught in BC schools. These may not be seleted from a professional program such as child and youth care, education or social work.  Choose courses that are related to subjects taught in BC schools. 

Participation in an interview may also be required. In lieu of an interview, applicants will submit a letter of intent, resumé and reference letters. In your letter of intent and resumé you'll tell us about your experiences working/volunteering with children and how they relate to your goal of becoming a teacher.

Eligible applicants are admitted to the quota on the basis of their sessional grade-point average calculated on courses attempted to April 30 (minimum 12 UVic units or 8 courses). If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the quota (available seats), not all eligible applicants will be admitted. The quota varies from year to year.

Consult an adviser in the Education Advising Office if you have any questions about the admission requirements and your course selection.

This document provides a list of approved English, Canadian studies, mathematics, laboratory science courses offered at College of the Rockies.

The Faculty of Education is committed to increasing the number of students with First Nations, Inuit and Métis ancestry in our programs. The faculty has developed distinct access initiatives:

  1. Reserved seats: 5% of the positions in all the faculty's undergraduate programs will be held for Indigenous applicants who meet the Faculty of Education's minimum program entrance requirements and Indigenous application requirements.
  2. Exceptional admission: Exceptional students who do not meet the standard faculty requirements may be eligible for admission through a case-by-case review process.

 For more information, refer to the University of Victoria Undergraduate Calendar or speak with the Faculty of Education's Indigenous adviser, Glenda Haynes.

If you plan to take the admission requirements at a college other than College of the Rockies, please speak with an adviser in UVic's Teacher Education Advising Office.

Tuition is based on a per-unit fee which varies from year to year. Please note that tuition fees are subject to increase each year. See a breakdown of annual costs.

Additional costs will include books, miscellaneous fees, room and board, practicum travel and other living expenses.

Year Two: 18 units

Year Three: 16.5 units

Year Four: 12.0 units