Programs and courses

Education is not what it used to be. Our world has changed and we need to evolve along with it.

Today’s students live in new times, face unparalleled societal challenges and are technologically advanced well beyond their years.

At UVic, the Faculty of Education realizes this new generation of learners requires a new generation of educators equipped to teach or practice in today’s rapidly changing dynamic multicultural society.

Our internationally recognized experiential programs and courses will provide you with the necessary experience, skills and strategies to take education to the next level -- in the classroom, the community or beyond.

Undergraduate and Post Degree Professional Programs

Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Education - Post Degree Programs

1Five-year concurrent program options are available for students wishing to teach secondary school French or mathematics. Consult the French department, Mathematics & Statistics department or Teacher Education Advising Office for more information.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

The Faculty of Education is home to hundreds of graduate students in a variety of disciplines. Learn more about our graduate programs.