About the Faculty of Education

At UVic Education we equip future educators of all kinds to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Our faculty offers dynamic programming, research opportunities with nationally and internationally renowned leaders in their fields, and experiences that connect the past, present and future in a myriad of educational places and spaces.

We offer choices: teacher education, Indigenous education, counseling psychology, kinesiology, recreation and health education, adult education, leadership and more. Our graduates are always in high demand and go on to shape the practice of education in almost every sector of society.

Ted Riecken

Welcome to your future in education. The Faculty of Education is committed to helping you learn and develop as a professional educator in a broad spectrum of educational settings that focus on lifelong learning.

Our faculty advances educational thought and research, models exemplary practice, seeks, generates and disseminates knowledge and provides professional educational service. We also seek to strengthen our leadership position by delivering programs and research at the provincial, national and international levels.

The faculty is home to the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies as well as the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education. Our undergraduate programs focus on teacher education, kinesiology, and recreation and health education.

We also have a large and diverse set of graduate programs including: early childhood education, counselling psychology, leadership in community and school settings, coaching studies, educational studies, and educational psychology.

Our faculty members are active scholars with impressive national and international reputations and an outstanding track record for attracting research funding. Among our distinguished and funded scholars are two Michael Smith Foundation Career Research Scholars (Ryan Rhodes and Paul Zehr), a Lansdowne Professor (Michael Roth), two Tier II Canada Research Chairs (Health and Society -Joan Wharf Higgins) and (Indigenous Knowledge and Learning – Lorna Williams). We are also the home of the first University of Victoria Distinguished University Professor (Larry Yore).

Dr. Ted Riecken

The Faculty of Education is committed to the education and development of professionals in a broad spectrum of educational and community settings within a context of lifelong learning.

The Faculty will advance educational thought and research, model exemplary practice, seek, generate and disseminate knowledge and provide professional service in the fields of education, exercise science, recreation and health education.

It will strengthen its leadership position in the delivery of programs and research at the provincial, national and international levels.