Converting video with MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip has several useful video tools and can export into several common formats.

Please Note: This will not work with .MTS files from the Canon Vixia camera. Those will need to be converted first!

1. Launch MPEG Streamclip, and open your movie file.

2. Under the File menu there are several Export to options. Choose the format you need; if you are unsure about what type of format to choose, lab staff can provide assistance.

MPEGStream 1

3. Once you have selected a format, the Exporter options window will open. Here you can make adjustments to the quality, audio, and visual size of the video file. If you are unfamiliar with these options, we recommended leaving the defaults (with the exception of increasing the quality to 100%).

MPEGStream 2

4. Once you have selected your options, click Make Movie and wait for your file to finish rendering.

MPEGStream 3

Note: If you are using MPEG Streamclip to export to a QuickTime (.mov) format, selected H.264 from the Exporter drop-down menu.

MPEGStream 4

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