Converting video files with Handbrake

There are two different tutorials (Mac/Win[coming soon]) due to the visual differences between version of Handbrake.


1. Launch Handbrake. It can be found in the Applications folder, or in the Video & Multi category on the desktop.

2. Select a Source (video file) from your Desktop. Once you have selected the video, the program will take a few moments to “scan the source” file to make sure it can be converted properly.

Handbrake 1

3. Select a Destination (where your converted file will be saved). It’s good practice to use folders to organize your files in order to keep track of different conversions.

Handbrake 3

4. Next click Add to Queue. If you have multiple files that need to be converted, repeat steps 1-3 until you have added all of your videos to the queue. For a standard conversion, none of the default settings need to be changed.

Handbrake 4

5. Once all of your videos have been added to the queue, click Start. Depending on the original file size and length of the queue, the conversion process can take awhile. The queue window (click Show Queue) allows you to track progress of each file.

Handbrake 5

Handbrake defaults to the .m4v file format, which is playable by many video players, but is not universal. QuickTime (.mov) files are the most universal format you can choose, and there are several ways to save your .mkv file as a .mov.

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