BEd (Secondary Curriculum) with a physical education teaching area

For many years, the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Curriculum) program (BEd) with physical education teaching area has been the premier PE program in BC and has played a leadership role in the development of similar programs in the province. We are proud of the significant role our school has played in preparing teachers to promote fitness in secondary schools.

Change is coming. Ready, set, go!

New curriculum directives are focusing on the processes of learning and the expanding responsibility of the PE curriculum to address broader issues of health. To meet the needs of future students, we are making changes and creating new routes for students wanting to become physical education teachers in secondary schools.

Beginning in September 2018, students intending on becoming a PE teacher will complete an undergraduate degree program that includes a PE concentration of EPHE courses before entering the secondary post-degree professional program (PDPP) - Diploma or Bachelor of Education. Students may complete these courses while doing the BA in Recreation & Health Education, BSc in Kinesiology, or another undergraduate degree from an accredited university.

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