Master of Education in Coaching Studies (MEd) - Project-based option

Masters studies
The MEd in Coaching Studies focuses on coaching science.


This degree provides students with a program of studies with a particular focus on coaching science. This is a summer-based program and is largely course-based. Twelve units of required courses are completed during July/August at the University of Victoria over two consecutive summers. There is no requirement to be on-campus for any of the other program requirements. Typical program length is 2 – 2 ½ years; inclusive of the two 4-month work terms.

Program Requirements: Total = 18 units + 2 work terms (6.0 units)

Program components Units
Required coursework within EPHE   12.0
EPHE 570 Skill Acquisition in Physical Education and Sport (1.5)
EPHE 572 Physiology in Physical Education and Sport (1.5)
EPHE 574 Administration of Physical Education, Recreation and Sport (1.5)
EPHE 575 Applied Sport Psychology (1.5)
EPHE 576 Teaching and Coaching Effectiveness in Physical Education and Sport (1.5)
EPHE 577 Research Methods and Techniques in Coaching Studies (1.5)
EPHE 578 Biomechanics (1.5)
EPHE 579 Current Issues in Coaching Studies (1.5)
Electives*: Complete two electives to support your program of study 3.0
Project: All MEd in Coaching Studies students complete a project (EPHE 598) 3.0
Work terms: Complete two cooperative work terms (typically coaching; 6.0 EPHE 801 and 802) 6.0
*Electives may be chosen from courses in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, other departments at the University of Victoria, or from other universities to complement your interests in coaching studies.