Larry Lee Kinesiology Scholarship and Bursary

Godfrey Lawrence (Larry) Stevens Lee (1912 - 1983)
Student using exercise equipment

For Godfrey Lawrence Stevens Lee, better known as Larry, physical well-being was at least as important as a good education. He not only pursued good physical conditioning himself, but helped others in his basement gymnasium and set up this scholarship in acknowledgement of the importance of this quest.

Larry Lee was born in Victoria, and as a youngster had serious health problems, but through involvements in gymnastics and weight training he was able to overcome them and stay active. He graduated from Victoria High School, and worked as a chauffer at Canadian Forces Base Naden throughout his adult life.

Larry read extensively in the area of body building, and designed various resistance devices to enhance strength and endurance. Many young people came to his home gymnasium for assistance. Since he also believed in the importance of a good education, he and his wife, Irene, purchased their Battery Street house, Pinehurst (since purchased by the Capital Regional Housing Corporation and developed as subsidized housing units under the same name), with providing affordable accommodation to students in mind. This provision of inexpensive housing so that students could go to Victoria College and the university it became, the University of Victoria, continued for approximately 25 years.

For leisure, Larry enjoyed boating, fishing, and collecting almost anything. He and Irene travelled, and with characteristic good humour, took with them a blow-up elephant named “Dumbo” as a third companion. “Dumbo” journeyed with them to many places, including Russia and India, and provided enjoyment to many people they met. Larry also enjoyed dressing impeccably with all aspects of his attire totally coordinated; with his bright blue eyes twinkling with a tremendous sense of fun, he said he was dressing to please his public. Larry also studied voice and was a lover of classical music and opera, and when he died numerous musical scores were donated to the School of Music at the University of Victoria.

Larry established this scholarship, as well as a bursary in this field, for a student studying human performance because he understood and experienced the benefits of exercise, and felt it essential that men and women be trained with a scientific understanding of what was entailed in gaining and maintaning physical fitness and well-being. Interested in applying?