Graduating students

Graduating students

To graduate, you must submit an application for a specific convocation (Spring or Fall), which will initiate a review of your eligibility to graduate. Applications must be submitted by:

Apply now for graduation

Graduation information

Graduation requirements

Refer to the UVic academic calendar to ensure you have the proper requirements to graduate:

Wording on degree parchment (diploma)

All University of Victoria degrees include the Faculty and the Degree designation.The degree parchment shows the Faculty and the Degree, Honours, With Distinction and Co-operative Education (as noted below).  It does not include details of declared programs such as Major, Minor, Concentration, Specialization, Emphasis or Option.

With distinction

"With distinction" will be added below the degree  if you achieved the GPA required by the Faculty to receive the standing “With Distinction” at graduation


"(Honours)" will be added after the degree if you had declared and completed an Honours program

Co-operative education

"Co-operative education" will be added below the degree if you completed a co-operative education program


If you require documentation that shows the details of your declared program, you can order an official transcript, degree completion letter or certification of degree completion.

Student record name

Your UVic student record name should reflect your full legal name and will appear on your official transcript and degree parchment.

For these purposes, your legal name is the name you were assigned at birth, or assumed through marriage or name change.  For non-Canadian citizens, the legal name is the one found on your passport or immigration documents.

Changing your name

To make a major change to your student record name, submit the personal information change form.   Examples of major changes include:

  • You want to add a name to your student record name
  • You want to change part of your name
  • You applied to UVic using a preferred name and want it changed to your legal name

 You may:

  • Substitute your first or middle name with the initial
  • Choose not to display your middle name

You may not:

  • Reorder your names
  • Include brackets in your name
  • Use a preferred name instead of your legal name

You will be required to provide one of the following supporting documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of change of name
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport or immigration document (e.g. permanent resident or Canadian citizenship card)

Name on degree parchment (diploma)

You may make minor changes to your student record name when you submit your application for graduation.  Examples of minor changes include:

  • Replace your first or middle name with an initial (e.g. John Adam Doe becomes John A. Doe)
  • Suppress your middle name from being displayed
  • Add an accent to your name (most accents can be accommodated on the degree parchment, but accents will not appear on your official transcript)
Note: Your student record and official transcript name will be also updated to reflect the same name on your degree parchment.

Receiving your degree parchment

Although, traditionally, you would receive your parchment at the convocation ceremony, there are alternate ways to receive it.


The formal conferral of degrees takes place at a convocation ceremony in the fall and spring each year. The University Ceremonies and Events office will send out an information letter to all graduation applicants in mid-April regarding Spring Convocation, or end of September regarding Fall Convocation. The letter contains information about how to register to attend the convocation ceremony, request an automatic mail-out of your degree or request that your degree be held for pick-up.

Visit the convocation website or academic calendar for more information.

Pick-up degree (picture ID required)

Degrees will be available for pick-up approximately one week after Convocation. If you did not attend the convocation ceremony and did not arrange to have your degree mailed to you, you may pick it up at Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services located in University Centre.

Picture ID is required. Students who owe fees to the University will not be able to obtain their degree until their fees are paid. 

Note: You should pick up your degree or arrange to have it mailed to you within three (3) months of your date of convocation.

Pick-up degree by proxy

Degrees will be available for pick-up approximately one week following the convocation ceremonies. If you wish to have another individual pick up your degree, please contact  providing your name, student number and the full name of the individual you have assigned as proxy for the pick-up. 

The assigned proxy must present photo ID before your degree will be released to them.

Mail-out degree

If requested, degrees will be mailed out within one month following the convocation ceremonies. If you did not attend your Convocation ceremony and have not already made arrangements to receive your degree following Convocation, complete the degree request by mail form.

Note: You should pick up your degree or arrange to have it mailed to you within three (3) months of your date of convocation. The University accepts no responsibility for diplomas that are delayed, damaged, or lost in the mail.


Information regarding attendance for Convocation, tickets, regalia rental and photographs will be sent to all graduating students approximately 6 weeks before the ceremonies. For more information, visit the Ceremonies and Events office, or follow the specific links below:

Graduation documentation

Order an official transcript

Your graduation notation will not appear on your official transcript until the day after Senate meets to approve degrees (approximately third week of May for Spring Convocation and third week of October for Fall Convocation).

Certificate of degree completion

The certificate is usually requested by students who are applying for overseas employment. It is a formal document that bears the University seal and will contain your name, degree and date awarded.

Degree completion letter


Request an undergraduate degree completion letter:


Request a graduate degree completion letter:

Replacement degree


If your degree has been lost, damaged, you have had a name change or you are requesting a Juris Doctor replacement degree, complete the replacement degree request form.

Lost degree

If you are unable to return the original degree, also complete the lost degree declaration form.

Certified copy of your degree

The degree is a legal document. If you are required to provide a certified true and correct copy of your degree ($15), the original degree must be brought into the Undergraduate Records office, main floor, University Centre.

You will need to complete the certified copy of degree form.

Invitation letter for overseas guest(s) to attend convocation

An invitation letter may be required if your guest needs a visa to travel to Canada to attend your convocation ceremony.

You will need to complete the request for invitation letter for overseas guest(s) to attend convocation form.