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Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op

Find out everything you need to know about Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op using the links below. Need help? Contact us at 250-472-5800 or or stop by ECS 204.

Frequently asked questions

How many students are in Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op?

Typically, there are about 1,600 students in our program. All BEng and BSEng students are required to complete the co-op program as part of their academic program. Computer science, mathematics and statistics students have an optional co-op program.

What do co-op staff members do?

The program manager has overall responsibility for managing the Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op Program.

The coordinators are involved in job development, work site visits, grading work reports, work term advising.

The career educator helps students explore career options, coaches students on Engineer-in-Training and PENG planning; suggests resources for job search; and provides resume, cover letter and interview assistance.

The employment development officer develops employment opportunities for co-op and career students.

The placement coordinators' duties include processing co-op work term eligibility, assisting with the required documents for the Co-op Work Permit, and managing employer events.

The co-op assistants provide administrative support for the program including posting jobs, scheduling interviews and extending job offers.

To contact a staff member from Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op and Career, click here.

Who is my co-op coordinator?

This information is in your profile in Learning in Motion (LIM). If you have any questions, please contact the co-op office.

How do I book an appointment with my coordinator?

You can book an appointment with your coordinator under the appointment tab in Learning in Motion or by sending them an email.

How will the Co-op Office contact me?

Email is the primary form of contact used by the Co-op Office.  We will email you at whichever email address you have specified as your "preferred email" in your UVic MyPage account.  Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date and that you are checking your email regularly.

Where can I find information about workshops and employer information sessions?

Upcoming Co-op events and employer information sessions are promoted on Learning in Motion (LIM) under the "Events" tab and on TV screens located throughout the Engineering buildings. Register for these events on LIM.

Are there any career fairs?

Co-op is pleased to offer the Co-op and Career Fair (September), Hi-Tech Co-op and Career Fair (February) and Tech Connect (May). During the September event, students and alumni connect with over 50 employers from a wide range of companies while the February event attracts engineering and hi-tech companies for our Engineering and Computer Science students. At Tech Connect in May, you can network and make connections with smaller, local  engineering/tech employers in a more casual atmosphere.

How many work terms do I need to complete?

You need to receive credit for at least four work terms. You can complete more than four if you want, providing you still have academic terms remaining. You cannot add extra work terms after the end of your last required academic term.

Do I have to pay a co-op tuition fee for additional work terms?

Yes. If you choose to complete more than four work terms, you can check the cost in our main co-op FAQ:

  • Visit the co-op FAQ.
  • Click on "How much does co-op cost?"
  • Look under "All other programs".
  • Check the table under “Undergraduate co-op work term tuition fee" for the cost.

How long are work terms?

Normally, the expected number of weeks per work term is 15-16 and the expected number of hours per week is 35-40. The minimum number of weeks per work term is 12. Each four-month period is registered as a single work term.

How are work terms scheduled?

Co-op work terms are integrated with academic studies as prescribed by the Faculty of Engineering. Once you have completed at least one term (two terms for first-year students) of full-time studies in the BEng or BSeng programs you may change your schedule by completing a Program Planning Worksheet with your Academic Advisor.

What percentage of students find co-op jobs for a work term?

Since January 2006, the placement rate has averaged 80-90% of eligible students looking for work, find work. Students who are unsuccessful in their job search each term have the option of taking classes.

Is getting a job for my work term guaranteed?

Co-op work terms are not guaranteed. Finding a job is a competitive process. Employers make hiring decisions based on your competencies and suitability for the position.

It’s the co-op office's responsibility to provide you with job search tools, techniques and coaching to help you find a suitable job for your co-op work term requirements.  If you are looking for an employer in certain sectors or geographical locations, please see your co-op coordinator.

How much will I get paid on my work term?

Employers determine salaries for co-op jobs, and salary ranges are often based on your academic level and number of work terms completed. 

Can I get credit for previous work experience?

Yes. You can transfer and/or challenge up to two work terms. For more information, click here.

Academic Writing Requirement

All undergraduate students must satisfy the Academic Writing Requirement; Engineering students must satisfy the requirement before your second work term. Please see the Academic Calendar for more information

Can I work internationally?

Yes! For more information, please refer to the Co-op Abroad page for details or contact our international coordinator at

How do I look for a co-op job?

You are encouraged to use various strategies in your job search including applying for jobs through Learning in Motion, seeking advice from your co-op coordinator, conducting your own job search and networking with family and friends.

How do I gain access to the co-op job board?

You must submit a Co-operative Education Work Term Registration form for each work term. For your first work term, you must also submit the Terms, Conditions and Expectations for Engineering Co-op Students form. Both forms should be submitted to the dropbox located outside the co-op office (ECS 204). 

Most of the co-op jobs are posted during the first six weeks of the term, so you are advised to submit these forms early. Once we have processed your forms, you will be made eligible in the co-op job board, Learning in Motion.

***If you are an International Student, you will also need to apply for and receive a Co-op Work Permit.

If I want to conduct my own job search, how do I get started?

The co-op office has existing relationships with many employers who often do not want to be contacted directly by students. Therefore, if you are planning to look for your own work, your co-op coordinator will review your list of potential employers and may provide you with additional leads. Your co-op coordinator is a good resource when conducting your own job search.

Can I apply for a co-op job that is identified for a different discipline and/or academic year?

You can apply to any job that you believe you are qualified for. The co-op office will review a job description and code it for the academic year and discipline that is appropriate for the needs of the employer and the type of work.

If I'm an international student, how do I get a co-op work permit?

As an international co-op student at UVic, you must have a co-op work permit before you can legally work Canada. Our Placement Coordinators can help you start this process.

Is there contact from the co-op office during my work term?

Students on work terms receive continuous scheduled support from the co-op office. This contact includes emails to your UVic email account, work term deliverables detailed in CourseSpaces, and a work site visit.

Can I take a course during my work term?

If you’re registered for a work term, you’re considered enrolled in a full-time course of studies. You must obtain written permission from your work term supervisor to take the course. You must then provide this written permission to the Manager, Engineering and Computer Science/Math Co-op and Career with details about the course and why you are making the request. Please note that students must have a sessional GPA requirement equal to or greater than 4.0 in order to take a course during a work term.

If you have permission to take a course at another institution with the intention of transferring the credit to your BEng program at UVic, check with the BEng office to make sure the course is transferrable.

What if I currently hold a student loan and get placed in a co-op work term?

It is your responsibility to inform Student Awards and Financial Aid office that you have been placed in an upcoming co-op work term. Failure to do so may result in unexpected circumstances which may affect your loan status.

How do I opt in or out of the UVSS extended health and dental insurance plan?

The plan is administered by the UVic Student Society, so you’ll need to contact them through the SUB Info Booth.

If I am on a work term in Victoria and am living in residence, do I have to vacate?

Students registered for work terms are considered to be enrolled in a full-time course of studies and are eligible to live in residence.

Is there help for finding housing for work terms outside of Victoria?

You are responsible for finding your own housing. Your coordinator may have a list of available housing sites and your new employers may also have suggestions.

If I am doing a work term beyond the required minimum, do I have to register it as a work term?

Yes, if you’re hired for a job found through our placement process, including jobs posted on the co-op job posting board.

No, if you found the job outside our placement process and the employer hasn’t posted a similar job in Learning in Motion.

Does the co-op program welcome student feedback?

Certainly! We ask for feedback at the end of each work term. We’ve also established an informal committee of students from the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) who represent all the levels and disciplines of students. They meet as required with coordinators to discuss ongoing issues relating to the co-op program. This FAQ page is one result of such a meeting! You’re welcome to tell us if something’s not working well, and we also like to hear about things which we are doing right.

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