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Career workshops (ongoing)

Career workshops (ongoing)

When: Ongoing to June 2016
Where: McPherson Library (see schedule for room number)
Contact: - 250-721-8421

Our career educators host several types of workshops for students throughout the week in the McPherson Library:

  • Résumé Lab
  • Ace Your Interviews
  • Using LinkedIn for Your Work Search
  • The Hidden Job Market
  • Workshops for international students

Workshop details and schedule

Shift Into Summer: Online Summer Job Expo

When: April 11 - May 27, 2016
Where: Online

Shift into summer

Shift Into Summer is on now!

Thinking about your summer job prospects? This online job expo can help you kick your work search into higher gear.

Featured job postings   Job posting sites   Job search support 

Tech Connect

Tech Connect

When: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 | 4-6 p.m.
Where: Engineering and Computer Science building, room 660
Contact: Jada Tasker - - 250-472-5827

Looking to connect with a few employers in the local hi-tech industry? Stop by Tech Connect on May 31 to:

  • Network with professionals
  • Find out what they do
  • Learn what employers look for when hiring

Join us on Twitter: #uvictechconnect


Event details for: Students

BC Cancer Agency (BME, CEng, CSc, Math, MTIS, SEng)

BC Cancer Agency

Disciplines: BME, CEng, CSc, Math, MTIS, SEng

The British Columbia Cancer Agency at Vancouver Island Centre (BCCA-­‐VIC) is a modern Cancer Care Facility offering state of the art in radiation therapy technology and patient care. Students have the opportunity to enter a vibrant academic environment closely tied to both leading edge research and highly modern clinical practice.

The Department of Medical Physics focuses on ensuring radiation safety, and quality of treatment in radiation therapy. The medical Physics Department offers unique research opportunities specializing in:

  • Advanced application and development of Monte-­‐Carlo radiation transport methods for radiation therapy
  • Clinical implementation of leading edge radiation treatment technology including VMAT and stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Gated radiation therapy for motion compensation
  • PET, SPECT, MRI and 3D ultrasound image guided radiation therapy
  • 3D dose verification including polymer gel and megavoltage portal dosimetry
  • Nanoparticles for radiation sensitization and kV imaging
  • Microchip development for radiobiological studies.

The BCCA-­‐VIC also offers research opportunities at the Deeley Research Centre where research is focused on understanding how the immune system responds to cancer and how to harness this response for therapeutic purposes. There is also a strong emphasis on studying radiobiological response pathways in cells and tissue.

Beanstream (CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng


Disciplines: CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng
Beanstream, a Bambora Company, has enabled businesses of every size to receive and make payments online, in-store and in-app since early 2000. With the largest payment suite in the industry, Beanstream helps everyone from the independent store owners to Fortune 500 companies succeed. Responsible for processing over 30% of all e-commerce in Canada, Beanstream uses a consultative approach and 24/7 in-region support to provide an innovative payment suite to serve their customers. Beanstream is Your Partner in Payments®.

Echosec (CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng)


Disciplines: CEng, CSc, MTIS, SEng

Echosec develops a social media searching software platform that provides actionable intelligence to law enforcement, security, intelligence, marketing, and journalism professionals. The software makes it simple to see what is going on, on the ground, in real time. In less than a second, the platform contacts all of the data services it taps into (think Twitter, Instagram, VK), aggregates and normalizes their response, scans for alerts and priority keywords and forwards any notifications directly to the customers. The composite results are also live streamed to the connected end user for digestion. Simply put: a user draws a box or 'geo-fence' around an area of interest on the map within our application. Then, all of the publicly available and geo-tagged social media posts within that geo-fence are live streamed onto the map.

The company was started as a part of the Masters program at UVic called Engineering Entrepreneurship. The program is run under Stephan Neville and Ted Darcie with the goal of fulfilling a Masters degree while simultaneously launching a startup. The investment backing and industry guidance is provided by Wesley Clover.

Giftbit (CEng, CsC, MTIS, SEng)


Disciplines: CEng, CsC, MTIS, SEng

Giftbit is challenging the fundamental assumptions of the gift card industry to make gift cards more cost effective, simple, and smart. In 2014, companies spent over $40 billion in digital gift cards for incentive and rewards programs. Roughly $8 billion (20%) of those cards will never be used. Giftbit is a complete solution to this problem. Our SaaS platform enables companies to easily send, manage and track digital gift cards. Through our proprietary technology, we ensure companies only pay for gift cards people use.

LaneLight (CEng, Cive, Elec, Math, SEng)


Disciplines: CEng, Cive, Elec, Math, SEng

Combining Safety and Innovation, for the past 15 years ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives with our LED enhanced LaneLight warning systems that target the tunnel vision of distracted driver’s. Our stainless steel light-heads are built tough, ship with a 5 Year Warranty, and are engineered for 10 to 15 years of trouble free service.  Dramatically improve visibility and safety at your crosswalks, stoplights, grade rail crossings, and wrong way warning systems with a LaneLight in-road warning system or one of our many LED enhanced accessories. 

Read Jones Christoffersen (Cive, Elec, Mech)

Read Jones Christoffersen

Disciplines: Cive, Elec, Mech

Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC) is one of Canada’s largest consulting engineering firms specializing in the structural design of buildings.  The firm was founded in Vancouver in 1948.  It has since expanded to a total of nine offices across Canada, including the Victoria office, established in 1958 and the Nanaimo office, established in 1999. Nationally we have a total staff of approximately 440 people, including 31 in our Victoria office and 5 in our Nanaimo Office.

Our consulting practice includes structural engineering, building enclosure design and restoration, structural restoration, parking planning, and heritage restoration.  We have assembled a very knowledgeable and experienced team in the Structural Engineering and Building Science Division of our Victoria office, supported by a network of professionals in other RJC offices across the country, many of whom are considered to be industry leaders in this specialized field.

Starfish Medical (BME, CEng, CSc, Elec, Mech, MTIS, SEng)

Starfish Medical

Disciplines: BME, CEng, CSc, Elec, Mech, MTIS, SEng

StarFish Medical is Canada’s premier medical device development group, made up of an integrated team of 80+ technical product development professionals who work on device design projects for North American and international customers. This team helps direct, create and deliver exciting product experiences for varied device markets.

At our head office in Victoria, we work in an energizing, purpose-designed 15,000 sq ft facility with some of the best medical device design strategists, designers and engineers to help direct, create and deliver exciting product experiences for varied device markets. Our project areas range from tactical EMS products, surgical tools and consumer diagnostic devices through to high volume disposables, complex IVD systems, imaging technologies and lab equipment. Our Electronics Engineering team specializes in wireless sensors and low-power biometrics.

StarFish offers a collegial, creative and casual working environment. In a recent survey, our employees rated: peers and culture, interesting and meaningful work, and working conditions (flexibility, environment) as the top reasons they most enjoyed working at StarFish.

Victoria Makerspace (Elec/Mech)

Victoria Makerspace

Disciplines: Elec/Mech

A Makerspace is a member operated shared space where people come together and collaborate while sharing tools, resources and knowledge. One tool can be effectively duplicated many times over by sharing it, in the same way that our learning experiences are shared.

When you walk into our Makerspace, your first thoughts may be, “Wow, I could make anything here, if only I knew how.”  Then after talking to a few people, you realize the vast amounts of experience and knowledge that exists.  Anything you would like to know about, someone has either done it or has a really good idea how to do it.  It soon becomes apparent that almost anything is possible.

The Victoria Makerspace offers Metalworking, Woodworking, Electronics, 3D printing and Laser cutting, CAD design tools and a CNC machine, a recording studio, and even a molecular biology lab. All in a member-run space where you are empowered to use the machines directly and learn how to create amazing things, whether for a hobby, general learning, or to start a new business. We have student memberships, offer internships, and are just a short bus ride away from the main UVic campus!"

Not-for-profit: AIESEC (CSc/Engr/Math)

AISEC logo

Disciplines: All CSc/Engr/Math

AIESEC is one of the largest non-profit student-run organization in the world, present in over 126 countries, with over 70,000 active members. AIESEC develops global youth leaders by providing students the opportunity to work or volunteer abroad. We offer international internships with jobs opportunities in social entrepreneurship, cultural immersion, and heal and sanitation.

2016 UVic Co-op and Career Fair

2016 UVic Co-op and Career Fair

When: Tues, Oct 4 and Wed, Oct 5, 2016 | 10 am – 3:30 pm
Where: Michele Pujol Room – Student Union Building

Check back soon for our new look!

Find all information about the 2016 Co-op and Career Fair below! Exhibitor registration for our 2016 fair is now open. 

Exhibitor information Student information

For other upcoming fairs and employer events, please see events for employers and recruiters.

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