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Dr. Cody Poulton
"From Puppets to Robots: Japanese Theatre and Technology in the 21st Century" (in English or Japanese). Dr. Cody Poulton is a professor in the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies.

How to book a speaking engagement with the Speakers Bureau

1. Look through this website
Read through this year's topics. We think you’ll find the bureau has something to offer your organization, no matter how diverse the interests of your audience.

2. Choose your topic(s)
Choose one or more topics and list them in your order of preference.

3. Give us a call
Check out the request form. Or phone 250-721-8587 and we'll send you a form so you can give us the details of your meeting.

4. What’s next?
Fill out and return a request form at least three weeks in advance of your meeting. As soon as we receive your completed request form, we’ll contact you about booking a speaker.

Expert and professional topics offered by the Speakers Bureau reflect the professional practices or research areas of the faculty, staff and graduate student speakers.

Presentations based on the personal interests of Speakers Bureau members appear at the end of the topics page.