Edward Ishiguro

"The Next Generation Vaccines: More than Just a Poke in the Arm"

Dr. Edward Ishiguro is a Professor Emeritus of the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Regan Shrumm

"Kachinas: The Making and Meaning of the SW American Aboriginal Doll"

Regan Shrumm is a graduate student in the Department of History in Art.

Leigh Anne Swayne

"Growing and Guiding New Neurons in the Healthy and Injured Brain"

Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne is an Assistant Professor in the Island Medical Program.

Lindsay McCardle

"Athletes as Models of Effective Learning: What Benefits can Sports Have?"

Lindsay McCardle is a graduate student in the department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies. 

What is the UVic Speakers Bureau?

The UVic Speakers Bureau is a community service provided by volunteer speakers from among the faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees who teach, conduct research, study and work at the University of Victoria.

Through the bureau, experts and knowledgeable individuals from UVic make themselves available to speak to community groups, schools, clubs and other organizations throughout Greater Victoria and southern Vancouver Island. The service is free (although travel expenses may be requested to some locations).

UVic is known for its strengths in the arts and sciences and selected professions. Some areas of note are: society and health, oceans and climate, matter and energy, Indigenous and cultural studies, global change and sustainability, genomics and proteomics, fine and performing arts, and computational modelling and information processing.

These and many other fascinating areas of expertise are represented among the 438 topics offered this year by Speakers Bureau members.

President's message

Jamie Cassels
Prof. Jamie Cassels

For more than 30 years, faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees of the University of Victoria have shared their expertise with audiences across southern Vancouver Island by participating in the UVic Speakers Bureau.

These volunteers have given an amazing 10,000 talks since the program was established—tangible and compelling proof that the people who make up our university are deeply committed to the intellectual, social and cultural life of our region.

The UVic Speakers Bureau is also the only university-wide bureau of its type in Canada. While that's a powerful statement about our commitment, it's also a sign of what makes the UVic experience distinct. Our volunteers grow with each Speakers Bureau talk—and that improvement, much like the knowledge we gain through research—flows back to the teaching labs, field schools and classrooms that shape the student experience at UVic.

Our breadth of knowledge is yours. This year, nearly 150 new topics have been added, reflecting the world-leading scholarship on our campus as well the keen desire of our speakers to address issues that matter to communities.

I encourage your school or organization to make use of this tremendous resource. This is a great opportunity to hear from experts and budding experts in their fields, and engage with the ideas that make UVic such a diverse and dynamic learning community.

Jamie Cassels, QC
President and Vice-Chancellor