Get involved

Many engaging initiatives exploring, critiquing and celebrating Canada's past, present and future will be developed and implemented by faculty, staff, students and community over the next 18 months. These may include special topic courses, lectures and assignments, events, speaker series, exhibitions, symposia and conferences. A number of these may be themed and scheduled to coincide with the signatures series events.

If you are looking to organize an initiative to coincide with Canada 150, contact Executive Director of the Community and Government Relations office, Jennifer Vornbrock: .

"Oh, Canada!" video contest

Film a one-minute video on your smart phone (or any other camera) for a random chance to win $500! 

Tell us your hopes for Canada's next 50 years. What impacts will you make? Pledge your commitment to shaping Canada's future by recording and sharing your videos with us.

The random $500-prize draw from approved videos will take place Oct. 16, 2017.

Using the Canada 150 logo

If your department or faculty would like to brand an event with the Canada 150 logo, it can be used at no charge if permission is first obtained from Heritage Canada. Instructions on how to apply for the use of the Canada 150 logo can be found on the Government of Canada website.