Our newest alumna

Mavis Gillie, long dedicated to helping build bridges between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal communities, has received an honorary degree.

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Can you steer a career?

From the upcoming UVic Torch Alumni Magazine: Actor Kiefer Sutherland and the career labyrinth.

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That's the spirit!

A big donation from the UVic Alumni Association will support students and amp up the support for student athletes.

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Mexican Dream

From the spring 2016 UVic Torch Alumni Magazine: an alumni family finds out what it's like to give it all up for the life they love.

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Alumni Guide

Ready for convocation? Know what it means to be part of the UVic alumni community? Here's your introduction.

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Connect. Learn. Remember.

The important role of alumni in the life of the University of Victoria can be expressed in a lot of ways. By maintaining connections, taking advantage of opportunities to learn, and by keeping our UVic memories close to our hearts, alumni are part of the past, present and future of the university.

The UVic Alumni Association, with the help of Alumni Relations staff, help to keep strong bonds between UVic and its the worldwide community of graduates by offering an exciting and growing program of services.